Yoga Poses to Improve Mental Health

Yoga has a lot of health benefits, and it has been proven that it helps deal with mental disorders. It can calm the mind and is very effective in relieving stress and anxiety. According to yoga practitioners, there are poses that contribute a lot to the improvement of mental health. These yoga poses regulate the blood flow and allows oxygen in larger quantities to reach the body cells. The yoga poses that are meant especially for improving mental health are as follows:

1. Camel Pose

Anxiety and depression happen at least once in everyone’s lifetime, and if it isn’t effectively dealt with, it can cause damage to the brain cells. Stress, anxiety, and depression can keep you from being happy and confident, and they can cause problems in your daily life. The camel pose is found to be very effective in reducing stress levels and boosting one’s mental health. A camel pose involves back-bending which creates a feeling of relaxation and fearlessness. Take the following tips to practice the camel pose:

  • Kneel with your legs a bit apart and the top of the feet on the floor.
  • Now, start bending backward gradually till you touch your feet.
  • In this position, your face, chest, and belly should face the roof.
  • Keep yourself in this position till you are comfortable.

2. Child’s Pose

Child’s pose or balasana is very beneficial for the body and mind. It improves the digestive system, helps eliminate constipation, and improves the metabolism. This yoga pose also helps maintain the upper body. Besides this, this pose is very beneficial for the mental health as it reduces the stress level and helps the person overcome depression and anxiety. This pose is very simple and easy, and you can lie in this position for a long time without being uncomfortable. The following points should be kept in mind when practicing this pose:

  • Keep your spine erect and kneel in this position.
  • Now, start bending forward in such a way that your chest touches your thighs and your head touches the floor.
  • Straighten your hands so that your fingers point in the same direction as your toes.

This pose is a simple one, but there are some things to consider. It is better to use a soft mat or pillow for putting your head down. Also, you shouldn’t practice the pose if you have a knee injury or have heart problems or hypertension.

3. Cat and Cow Poses

These two poses are very beneficial for treating insomnia. Insomnia and sleep disorders can be very annoying, especially if you have a very hectic schedule. Insomnia is considered a sleep stealer and it can cause harmful effects on the brain. The cat and cow yoga poses are ideal for treating sleep disorders. You should practice these poses to keep yourself calm and relaxed. Follow these guidelines:

  • In both these poses, the beginning is the same. You have to start by kneeling and putting your palms on the floor as a baby crawls.
  • For the cow pose, you have to keep your arms straight when you inhale. Drop your belly down and keep your shoulders up.
  • The cat pose is the one when you exhale. In this pose, you have to keep your back up and keep your tailbone down.

4. Standing Forward and Bending Pose

This yoga pose is another very beneficial one for improving your mental condition and reducing the signs of stress and anxiety. This pose has many physiological as well as psychological effects. The main benefit of this pose is that it effectively reduces stress. Following are the steps that should be taken:

  • Stand straight and inhale while your hands rest on your hips.
  • Start extending your hands and exhaling while you move your body forward.
  • Keep bending towards the ground till you touch the floor in front of your feet.
  • If you find it too difficult to reach near your feet, you can start by holding onto the elbows.
  • Make sure your knees are straight all the time.
  • Remain in this pose for around 15 seconds and release your upper body to end the pose.