The Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga dates back to ancient India where it emerged as a group of activities that were exercises for your mind as well as your spirit while being an exercise for your physical health. Now, there is a wide range of yoga schools that have originated with a number of goals and yoga practices.

These schools have originated in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. There are a number of different kinds of yoga, and the most popular ones are Raja yoga and Hatha yoga. A number of recent discoveries have found out that yoga helps act as a prevention for cancer, asthma, and even schizophrenia which is primarily a mental disorder. The results that these studies produce, though, aren’t fixed and do not yield a definitive result on whether it’s actually effective or not.

Improves Your Emotional Health

It is an already proven fact that exercise helps ward off depressive thoughts. This is because exercising, results in certain chemicals being released in your body that aid in improving your mood. Yoga works in the same way. It helps people with depression and other psychiatric conditions.

Yoga also helps release the hormone that is said to be the hormone of love and cordiality, oxytocin. Serotonin, which is more commonly known as the happiness hormone, is also a positive effect of yoga.

Helps With Back Pain

Back pain is a very common issue in a number of people these days. This is sometimes rare, and it sometimes takes the form of chronic back pain. Patients with chronic back pain have been advised yoga, and it has helped them a lot.

A total of 80 patients with a case of chronic back pain were asked to participate in a daily yoga session, and all of them reported less pain after a little while. Not only was their disability decreased, but it also affected their flexibility which was highly increased.

If you are not a patient of chronic back pain, yoga will still help make your back more flexible.

Can Help With Fertility

Yoga is also said to enhance fertility. It relaxes your state of mind and makes you calmer. It can act as a support for conceiving a child. It is said that yoga has other internal benefits for conception as well and hastens the process of conception for mothers.

Good For Curing Hangovers

Yoga is said to be a great relief from hangovers. Sometimes, after a long night of drinking and partying, when your head starts hurting and you feel dizzy the next morning, yoga is all that you need. It is a great detox due to which it is perfect for a hangover. It purifies your body and cleanses it of all its toxins.

Another great advantage of yoga that is slightly related to this is that it burns your fat by increasing metabolism. As your metabolic rate increases, your fat burns much faster. This way, yoga could help burn the cellulite in your body.

Some of the yoga poses also work on your thyroid gland and make it work better.

Improves Your Heart Health

Heart health is another area that is said to be affected by yoga. It decreases the rate of occurrence of arterial plaque by a great degree. A number of patients were tested for heart health, and it was found that not only was their heart health improved, but their overall health was enhanced as well.

A side effect of heart diseases is that your capacity to work out is decreased. This is another area that yoga acts upon. It increases your capacity to work out to such an extent that you can work out for hours without getting exhausted.


It is quite clear how yoga is helpful in so-many ways. What’s more is that yoga does not even require a lot of effort. Therefore, it is possible even for those people who are not active enough to exercise in the conventional ways.

Moreover, it doesn’t require a lot of time, so even people with busy schedules can take time out to do it for around 5-10 minutes per day.