Quick and Easy 15 Min Yoga Exercise

The average person has very little time throughout the day to do exercise, from the minute most people wake-up they are in a rush to get to work or a get started on the many chores they have to do for the day.

One of the main reasons why people avoid exercise is because they think they need more than an hour to perform an exercise routine but this couldn’t be further from the truth. What if I told you can give your body and mind a good workout in only 15 minutes?

What is this 15 minute body and mind workout? It is a simplistic yoga routine that combines numerous poses, deep breathing and meditation that will help you feel energized and refreshed. Performing this first thing in the morning will produce the best results as you will be energized as well is mentally relaxed and ready to take on any tasks the day throws at you.

What is this quick routine, I am talking about? It is known as the Sun Salutations.

This is the simplest yoga routine you can learn and regardless of your fitness or flexibility levels you can perform this routine and improve your fitness and flexibility as the days and months go past. To give you an idea of what this routine is like, it is somewhat similar to calisthenics exercise burpees but not as high impact but still very effective.

This routine provides fantastic benefits for your body and I will list some of them below:

  • Your arms and legs get a gentle but effective workout which helps increase circulation as well as improving flexibility to the limbs.
  • This quick routine can help you burn extra calories which is great for those who are trying to manage their weight.
  • Performing this routine regularly is a fantastic way to loosen up, stretch and massage your joints as well as some of your internal organs.
  • They stimulate and balance all the systems of the body including the endocrine, circulatory, reproductive and digestive system.


For directions on how to perform Sun Salutations, simply watch the video below:

  1. Stand straight and tall with your palms touching each other as if you are in a prayer position
  2. Take a deep breath and stretch your arms above your head
  3. Exhale, then bend forward and touch your toes.
  4. Inhale and move your right leg away from the body in a big backward step, move as far back as your body allows, make sure you keep your hands and left for firmly planted on the ground then bend your head backwards and your left knee should be between your hands.
  5. Inhale and hold your breath. Move your left leg away from your body. Keep both feet together and knees on the floor, rest on your hands, making sure your arms straight and keep the body in a straight line.
  6. Exhale and go your body to the floor. When you are in this position only eight parts of the body to be in contact the floor and they are: both your feet, both your knees, both your hands, your chest as well is your forehead.
  7. Inhale and bend back as much as your body allows, the emphasis should be on bending your spine.
  8. Exhale and lift your body off the floor whilst keeping your feet and hands on the floor.
  9. Inhale and bring your right foot to the level of the hands, your left foot and knee should touch the ground. Look at while spending the spine ever so slightly as described in position number four.
  10. Exhale and bring your left leg forward, make sure both your knees straight and bring her down to your knees as you did in third position.
  11. Raise your arms over your head and bend backwards whilst inhaling like you didn’t position two.
  12. Exhale and slowly drop your arms, then relax.


Well done, you have now performed round one, see how simple that was!

You can perform as many rounds as you like, ideally you should aim for 6 rounds minimum and maximum of 30. Performing this quick and simple routine can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes a day depending on how fast you perform a routine.

Obviously, once you familiarize yourself with it you will be able to perform each round quicker and get more done in a shorter amount of time. The ideal place to perform this is near a open window that is allowing fresh air in to the room and wear clothes that allow your body to move freely.

So why not make a habit to perform Sun Salutations 3 to 4 times a week first thing in the morning, you’ll be amazed at how energized you feel and ready to take on the day. Who knows, this may replace your morning coffee to help wake you up in the mornings.

Although these are ideally performed in the morning it can also be used at night if you want to relieve yourself of the stress you’ve accumulated throughout the day, this is a very versatile exercise that can be used any time of the day but most people prefer to perform it first thing in the morning. Be sure to start this ASAP and it wont be long before you notice the benefits and your body and mind thank you for it!