Overview of The Yoga Burn Program

Chances are you’ve probably heard of Yoga Burn program and just want a little more information on it. In this article, we have done a quick overview of the program to help you get a better understanding of the program and what it entails.

What is The Yoga Burn Program?

This is a yoga and exercise program designed for women. This is simple to follow yoga and exercise program. The Yoga Burn program has a strategic three-phase approach to keeping fit, feeling healthy as well is being able to lose weight and shape your body. This program has been designed to use the best yoga and exercise tools to help shape your body to a sexy hourglass shape. The results this program produces can help you feel more confident about yourself. Yoga burn is a digital downloadable program which you can get started on straight away and for those who like physical products there is an option to purchase a physical kit as well.

Who is The Program Creator?

The program creator goes by the name of Zoe Bray-Cotton, she is a certified yoga instructor, certified personal trainer as well is claiming to be a female fitness expert. She has been teaching yoga for well over a decade and has taught many various different styles of yoga which makes an expert in most forms of yoga. Zoe has poured all her knowledge into the Yoga Burn program to make sure is one of the best yoga programs out that for women.

How Does This Program Work?

The secret ingredient of the this program is in the dynamic sequencing. Dynamic sequences are a technique Zoe uses to help students perform each movement correctly and once they master the movement patterns they are able to increase the intensity and make it more challenging as your body begins to get used to the routine.

The more challenging the movements become, the more your body begins to change and you will notice your body taking shape as well is your health improving and your body becoming stronger and more functional.
The videos provided in the Yoga Burn program are 45 minutes long and Zoe advises that you complete three videos per week to see the best results.

What Are The Three Phases of Yoga Burn?

The first phase is called foundational flow…

…When you get the Yoga Burn program phase 1 is where you will start. The foundational flow is an extremely important phase because it helps to build a solid yoga and exercise foundation which you can build on. This phase will last four weeks and it will slowly get your body used to performing the yoga poses. Don’t worry, it’s not just all learning, you also see some physical results as well, you will start to see muscle tone from the poses you have to perform as they will require your muscles to work.

Regardless of if you are advanced or beginner Zoe advises that you start from this phase as there is a lot to learn. This phase will teach you how to execute the movements properly and how to build that all-important mind-body connection so can consciously engage your muscles which helps you perform the poses more smoothly as well as help you build controllable strength which is an extremely important trait to have.

The next phase is a transitional flow…

…Phase 2 is all about combining the moves you learnt in the previous phase into a routine that seamlessly transition from one pose to another. This phase will be a bit more demanding and in-return you will burn more calories and see your heart rate rising from the intensity.

This phase will have you working on large muscle groups and will have you doing upper body, lower body and core workouts that will not only make you stronger but fitter as well. You will learn how to link all the poses together as well as how to clear your mind of mental chatter and focus on the now.

The next phase is Maastricht flow…

…Phase 3 really turns up the intensity! You will be required to perform more repetitions of each pose as well as working your muscles to fatigue and beyond. This phase puts all its attention on shaping your body and giving you that sexy hourglass shape. This phase will require your full attention and dedication as this phase is about producing results that you want.

To Sum Up

As you can see the Yoga Burn program is more than just performing a few basic yoga poses and having a nice light breezy workout. This program is a combination of yoga and physical exercise to help your body develop into that hourglass shape as well as improving your fitness and strength.

Not only does this program focus on the physical, but the mental as well, being able to quieten your mind is a useful trick that has a huge carry over into everyday life. Being able to quieten your mind can hugely reduce stress and overall just make you feel a lot better.

If you’ve been looking for something more than just the yoga program than the yoga burn program is for you and you will not be disappointed.