Learn Why Yoga is Good For You

Before yoga became mainstream, it was much more than just a form of exercise you do when you can, it was in fact a way of life. People used to dedicate their lives to the yoga way of life, it was a culture that did more than just meditation and yoga exercises. The yoga culture was rooted in how people would conduct themselves in to shore interaction, their eating habits, how they would treat their fellow human being and much much more. The fundamentals of yoga are all about health, well-being and bettering yourself as a person spiritually and physically, for this reason more than over 15 million people around the world enjoy practising this ancient tradition and it continues to grow in popularity due to its many benefits.

There are many forms of yoga and hundreds of different poses that will improve your body’s flexibility and ability to manoeuvre without getting injured. In fact, some of the poses can have such a profound effect on the body that is hard to grasp that that such a simple pose can have so many benefits. For example: the downward facing dog pose can help calm the brain, energise the body, help your blood pressure, help improve digestion and vastly strengthen your arms and legs. As you can see one simple pose has such an amazing effect on the body and there are hundreds of poses that will benefit your body in numerous different ways. With regular practice of yoga you will begin to see many various benefits manifest within your body and for this reason it is a good idea to regularly perform yoga.

If you’re still not convinced that yoga is for you, take a look below at the other benefits yoga can offer you…

Increases Your Flexibility

Having good flexibility is extremely important, especially as we age. For flexibility will result in long-term injury problems. With yoga, it helps you improve your flexibility greatly. It doesn’t matter where you currently are yoga has techniques that can help the most and flexible person transition into an extremely flexible person. Not only that yoga helps you become flexible, but it helps pump fresh blood around the body, your blood contains many important nutrients and having a fresh supply of blood going to your muscles and various other places extremely important. Yoga also helps to stretch soft tissue, ligaments and tendons to help improve your range of motion allowing your body to feel freer and greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Improves Your Posture

Yoga has been proven to improve your posture, by performing yoga regularly, you become more flexible, improve your muscle tone as well is strength and this is what will improve your posture. As you strengthen your core and back muscles you can support your weight with ease which makes it easier to sit and stand tall, which will help prevent injuries as well is aches and pains. It is the slouching posture which puts unnecessary strain on your back and other areas the puts you at high risk for injury.

Can Help Boosts Your Confidence

Yoga is a great way to boost your confidence, how does this work? Quite simple really, performing yoga can help you release tension from within your mind, when you remove this tension from your mind it becomes easier to feel confident about yourself and have a good outlook on life. When your mind is full of tension, anxiety and a negative outlook on life, it becomes virtually impossible to feel good about yourself and this results in low confidence about yourself, remove these elements and how you view yourself changes from negative to positive and this results in a boost of confidence.

Can Lowers Stress and Help Improve Your Mood

One of the biggest reasons for stress is the mental chatter in mind, often this will run on autopilot for most people who struggled to switch it off. With the help of yoga you will learn how to take control of this mental chatter and quieten it as and when you please. When you and meditation techniques and yoga you focus on controlling your breathing, which in return helps to calm your mind and reduce the mind chatter over time. Understanding breathing techniques and how to perform them are extremely important and one of the other benefits that with a calm mind you can boost oxygen levels to the brain, the more oxygen the brain gets the more happy, stress-free and content you become with everyday life.

Lowers The Risk of Injury

What makes you a great for all age groups is the fact that is a low impact form of exercise which puts less stress on areas that have the potential to get injured form more strenuous exercises. Because it is a low impact exercise this does not mean it is any less beneficial to your body in fact, some of the yoga exercises are quite intense and very beneficial for the body but have very little impact on the potential to injure your joints. For this reason, yoga has become very popular with the elderly and people with having from injury.

Can Help You Lose Weight

One of the biggest reasons why people gain weight is due to stress, stress not in court as many imbalances in your body, such as with your hormones, but there is also stress eating to try make you feel good as well. If your hormones are out of sync this can lead to weight gain even if you are not overeating. Performing yoga meditation and exercises is a great way to relax your body and mind which will help you de-stress a lot easier. The less stressed you are more optimally your hormones can function to help you lose weight naturally. You also have yoga exercises which will help you burn some calories at the same time.

Improves Muscle Tone and Strength

Performing the yoga poses this more and more demand on your muscles as you progress to more advanced yoga techniques. Because of this, you develop toned muscles as well as controllable strength. Yoga poses require your whole body, the can expect your whole body to be toned and strengthened, from your core, arms, legs, glutes, back and more. The best thing about yoga is that all of your body parts get an equal workout the not going too much stress on a specific body part and because yoga requires you to control the poses you get stronger and have a better ability to actually controlled strength that you gain.

Benefits Your Breathing and Lowers Blood Pressure

People who practice yoga on a consistent basis, generally see an increase in lung capacity due to the deep breathing they are required to perform. Increasing your lung capacity will have numerous benefits and everyday life, such as your stamina and insurance will improve, for example, if you get out of breath after walking a mile or so, this is due to your poor lung capacity, improving this will help you walk a mile or more with ease. You will also see benefits in your blood pressure, meditation and calming yoga asanas can help you slow down your heart rate, slow heart rate can help lower blood pressure and help improve your immune system as well as helping to lower cholesterol.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about yoga is they can be performed virtually anywhere, in your bedroom, a quiet place at work, anywhere outdoors, yoga classes if you like to be around people, on holiday and just about anywhere where you have a little space. Because of this, yoga is becoming extremely popular as you can dedicate as little as 15 minutes per day to see the benefits.

If you’re looking for a form of exercise that not only benefits the physical, but the mental as well then you cannot go wrong with yoga. There are just too many associated with performing benefits regularly.