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Yoga Burn – Why You Don’t Really Need It!

I recently come across Yoga Burn by Zoe Bray Cotton. It is a yoga training program which is designed to take a complete novice regardless of the current physical condition to a more healthy, flexible and stronger advanced yoga swami, to the point where you can teach friends and family yourself.

But the reality is you can find information for free on the Internet that can help you go from novice to intermediate yoga student. It just comes down to your ability the piece information together and create your own structured program.

If you are good at doing that than i highly recommend you save your money and don’t buy the Yoga Burn program, that isn’t a reflection on the program being bad but I am one for saving money where you can.

Why Should You Spend Money on This Program?

The biggest benefit of the Yoga Burn program is that all the information that you would need to transition from beginner to intermediate is compiled together in a simple, easy to follow program which explains everything clearly step by step.

With Yoga burn, there is no need to do research, structured a program by yourself than followed by plenty of trial and error.

With this Yoga program, it is as simple as following the program outlined in front of you and transitioning from one stage to another with zero guesswork and very minimal trial and error.

If you’re the type of person who likes everything done for you and just want to follow a program that will produce results then yes, it is worth spending the money on the Yoga Burn program as it will save you a lot of time and hassle.

But like I said earlier, you don’t have to buy it, there is nothing magical about it, it is just a case of if you have time to do research, then eventually you can find all the info you need online to become good at yoga.

What Benefits Can Expect From Yoga Burn Program?

Here are some of the physical benefits you can expect:

1) Core

If you have ever talked to a personal trainer then you know how important having a strong and functional core is. You use your core in many aspects of daily life and to prevent injury and future long-term problems strength in this area is extremely important.

Yoga Burn will have you performing poses that will strengthen your core as well as making your core more functional and as you advance through the program your core will become much stronger, which will carry over into everyday life and help minimise injury risk.

2) Legs

For any girl, having nice, toned, shapely legs are a huge desire and thankfully yoga puts a lot of demand on your legs, which in return will help you not only strengthen your legs, but you will also develop your hips, quadriceps, hamstrings, thighs and calf muscles.

3) Glutes

If you’re looking for a nice sculpted rear then yoga has you covered. There are poses that you will have to perform that will heavily include your glutes. They will get a nice workout whilst performing some of the Yoga poses and exercises which will help develop them.

4) Arms

By now you have probably figured out that yoga uses quite a lot of your body to perform the poses and don’t worry, your arms do not get neglected, this program can help you develop toned shapely arms.

5) Back

With age, the most common place people get injured is their back, simply because they have neglected it and over time it has weakened. That is why it is important you do physical activities to keep it strong and healthy. Research has found that yoga is extremely beneficial for your back, not only can yoga help relieve sore back and other back issues but help strengthen and keep your back more functional.

6) Flexibility

If flexibility is important to you then yoga is the absolute best thing you can do to help improve your flexibility. Yoga poses will stretch your muscles, improve blood flow to your muscles as well as improving your range of motion and agility. With regular practice of yoga, you will see a huge improvement in this area, which again will have a noticeable carry-over effect into everyday life.

7) Strength

As you progress through this program, you will notice that you develop a lot of controlled strength. Yoga poses have you holding your body in particular positions for a duration of time and doing this regularly will dramatically increase your ability to control your strength as well as getting stronger at the same time.

Some of The Metal Benefits of Yoga

1) Improves Your Psychological and Mental Well-Being

If you constantly feel stressed and tense yoga can help reduce this. How? Well, according to the British Psychological Society, because of the amount of focus you have to place on your breathing and body, this helps to greatly smooth the mind, calm the chatter in your head, which is causing stress and tension which in return helps to relieve worries which further helps in reducing stress and tension. If an individual is consistently practicing yoga poses and breathing exercises, it can help individuals feel free from the negative elements which cause stress and tension. Essentially a person who does yoga is a lot better at being able to achieve peak psychological health.

2) Helps With Anxiety and Depression

For those who regularly suffer from anxiety and depression, you know how tough it can be to get through the day. Performing yoga can help individuals take control of their anxiety and depression issues. How? According to a Harvard University, yoga does this by regulating a person’s stress response system, this means lower blood pressure, lower heart rate and a much-improved respiration. Over time you can control anxiety and depression by mentally focusing on reducing it and controlled breathing. Yoga will strengthen your ability to mentally focus and using breathing to control how you feel.

3) Boosts Memory and Improves Concentration

Yoga has been proven time and time again to be a very effective at improving memory and concentration. Because yoga requires you to clear your mind, calm your senses and remove the mental chatter from the head, you end up having a better ability to remember things, increasing concentration and have overall better mental performance.

5) Can Help In-large Your Brain Capacity

Yes, this is absolutely true. Researchers studied individuals who practised yoga and they found that these individuals had more grey matter/brain cells in various areas of the brain when they did an MRI scan on them. It was a controlled study and the individuals who did yoga saw improvements in the brain versus the group who did not do yoga.

Researchers concluded that individuals that spent more hours practising yoga per week the more enlarged certain areas of their brains were. These areas included the somatosensory cortex, which contains the mental map of our body. The visual cortex, the superior parietal cortex, is responsible for directing attention. The hippocampus, this is an extremely important area in the brain that reduces stress levels.


There are just too many benefits associated with yoga and many have been studied by scientists and proven to work. Performing yoga is so much more than just getting into shape, yoga is about bettering yourself as an overall person, improving your body and mind.

Yoga Burn can help you get started with performing yoga right away, not only will this program show you what to do, but it will help you understand yoga better as well, so you know exactly why it benefits you.

If you feel like this program can benefit your life, click the link below to visit the official website.